Puget Sound
The Puget Sound AVA is the only wine region in Washington located west of the Columbia Mountains. The Puget Sound is a giant body of water that stretches from the Canadian border in the north to Olympia in the south, with the city of Seattle on its eastern shores. The sound is covered with bucolic islands and it is on these islands that vineyards are located.

This is a cool and rainy region with a pronounced maritime influence. As such, the region is planted to hybrids on the whole, with a smattering of Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, and Chardonay. There are less than 100 acres under vine in the area and a dozen wineries source grapes here, though most wineries located in the area source the majority of their grapes from the Columbia Valley. Whidbey Island Winery is a major producer, and somewhat curiously, the famous boutique winery, Andrew Will, is located on Vashon Island, though all of their wines are sourced from grapes grown east of the Cascades. (Wine/Appellations)