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Everybody knows Patrick Stewart is out of this world.
Too bad he gets upstaged in this Strongbow ad by our pretty gold medal.
Who likes Neil Patrick Harris? We do!
Check out this funny ad featuring our awards for Heineken Light.
We're Big in Japan!
Check out this cool Tastings TV spot for the Asahi Master!
Check out the FEW victory lap at 2018 Chicago Independent Spirits Expo awards show that BTI conducted.

Original Wine, Beer, and Liquor Videos

Video Review of Tanduay Silver and Gold Rum

Ready to Rum Away to the Beach with two sizzling spirits from the Philippines? Check out what has to say about Tanduay Gold and Silver Rums.

Video Review of Tanduay Dark Rum

Are you Ready to Rum-ble with a Fun Tropical Spirit? Check out what has to say about Tanduay Dark Rum.

Video Review of Emperador

Brandy you're a fine drink! Check out what has to say about Emperador Brandy.

Exotico Blanco Margarita

Exotico Blanco Tequila Takes Home the Title of 2017’s Best Margarita!

Video Review of ABK Edel

Grab a cold beer and learn all about's pick for the Best Dortmunder of 2017!

Video Review of Unibroue À Tout Le Monde

Rock out with this unlikely pairing from Unibroue and Megadeth! It's our 2017 Best Saison: À Tout Le Monde!

Video Review of Zucca Rabarbaro

An Italian trip for your taste buds is just a cocktail away with our 2016 Best Amaro- Zucca Rabarbaro!

Video Review of Pure Mirabeau Rosé

A video review by's director Jerald O'Kennard of a great new rosé wine from the Provence region of France.

Video Review of Chalfonte

A taste of France without leaving your home! See what our judges picked as the Best Cognac of 2016!