Patagonia is South America's southernmost wine producing region and as one can deduce from the name of a better known winery in the region, Bodega del Fin del Mundo (end of the world), that is saying something. Patagonia itself is a vast region, more than twice the size of California, and is home to the fabled "pampas" of cattle and gaucho fame.

Patagonia is less Texas than northern Great Plains, however, with a semi-arid cool climate. The region is warmed in the summer by a persistent drying wind that makes viticulture possible in pockets, if not for the feint-of-heart. Production is centered on two rivers, the more established Rio Negro, and the up-and-coming Neuquen. This is a much cooler-climate region than distant Mendoza to the north, and as such has been looked to for cool-climate grapes, particularly as having the potential to produce Pinot Noir in Argentina. While the jury is still out, the heartbreak grape is drawing experimenters in and the novelty factor doesn't hurt either. (Wine/Appellations)