Pomerol is a tiny commune on the Right Bank of Bordeaux with a giant reputation. Up until 1936 it was considered a part of the wider Saint-Emilion appellation, but since that time has labeled its wines as Pomerol. Pomerol is roughly one-seventh the size of Saint-Emilion and similar in size to the commune of Saint-Julien on the Left Bank.

While Pomerol is now one of the most prestigious of the Bordeaux sub-regions, this is a fairly new phenomenon. Pomerol was not included in any of the historical Bordeaux classifications as its reputation began to really grow post war, due in large part to the growing fame of Chateau Petrus.

As with Saint-Emilion, Pomerol is based more on Cabernet Franc and Merlot, but in Pomerol, Merlot accounts for 80% of the vineyard area and dominates the blends, with Cabernet Franc usually comprising no more than five- to 20%. This makes Pomerol the most expensive and coveted Merlot in the world (Sideways effect be damned). Today, Pomerol has about 150 producers and average production for these tends to be quite small. (Wine/Appellations)