The Australian wine region of Padthaway lies just to the north of Coonawarra in the inland portion of the Limestone Coast well south of Adelaide. The region was initially developed in 1963 by Seppelt, when Karl Seppelt discovered a northern extension of the famous "terra rosa" red clay soil of Coonawarra. Since this time, all of the big players have moved in and developed extensive plantings.

The region is marginally warmer than Coonawarra, but broadly similar in climate. Plantings here have been more white wine driven than Coonawarra, with particular emphasis on Chardonnay, though Cabernet and Shiraz certainly play a role. The cooler conditions, relative to the Barossa and hot regions to the north, have made Padthaway an important source of vibrant whites that can be bottled without oak, as tastes have moved away from the oaky heavyweights of the recent past. (Wine/Appellations)