About Herb-Spice Liqueur

About Herb-Spice Liqueur
Herb/spice liqueurs are alcoholic beverages that contain added flavor from the addition of spices, herbs, barks or roots. There are many famous herbal liqueurs in Europe, some of them produced by monks or other religious orders; some of these contain more than 100 herbs as part of the recipes!

These liqueurs are most often served neat, although some are mixed with water and/or ice. Most have an alcoholic range between 35%-55%.

Top Picks for Herb-Spice Liqueur

June by G’Vine Gin Liqueur
94 points
An ethereal, yet powerful herb and fruit liqueur that will inspire delicious and captivating cocktails.
Galliano Ristretto Coffee Liqueur
93 points
Best Buy
An herbaceous and distinctive coffee liqueur that offers something deliciously different to the coffee or absinthe lover.
93 points $19 Best Buy
Sorel Artisanal Liqueur
92 points
Would make a good substitute for a mulled wine on its own, or add to your preferred base wine or spirit of choice for a fun, warm holiday cocktail.
Liquore Strega Special Liqueur
92 points
A curiously delicious Pastis; would make a fantastic Sazerac if you want to bump up the Absinthe-y qualities without overpowering your drink.
FAIR Ginger Liqueur
92 points
Spicy ginger and herbs with luscious sweetness that will mix well in numerous cocktails.
Taktser Liqueur
91 points
Musky, jump-from-the-glass aromatics welcome the curious cocktail enthusiast to this distinctive spirit.
Ancho Reyes Verde Chile Poblano Liqueur
90 points
A piquant liqueur that will add heat and style to tequila and Mezcal cocktails.
Jägermeister Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur
90 points
A flavor-packed herbaceous liqueur with great balance; add to stirred cocktails, lattes, shoot or simply sip neat.
90 points $24.99
Domaine de Canton French Ginger Liqueur
88 points
Rich and warming, could make an amazing holiday-themed cocktail, spice up some coffee, or even elevate some cookies.
Dimmi Liquore Milano Liqueur
87 points
A tropical, almost coconut-inflected liqueur with a spicy, refreshingly bitter finish; endless cocktail possibilities.