About Liqueurs from Austria

About Liqueurs from Austria
There is a nice variety of spirits produced in Austria; some pleasing to a wide group of consumers (such as chocolate liqueurs), others, such as bitters, are more of a specialty product. Vodkas, gins and rums are of very good to excellent quality, while liqueurs are varied in style and quality. Absinthe is also produced and compares well with the best examples from France.

Top Picks for Austria


Mozart Dark Chocolate Liqueur
93 points
Lovely sweet chocolate aromas on the nose and palate with just enough mild bitterness and earthiness to keep it all in balance.
Mozart White Chocolate Cream Liqueur
90 points
Whipped butter cream Liqueur that belongs as a pairing with your next cinnamon roll.
Mozart Chocolate Cream Liqueur
89 points
Chocolate goodness that would be stellar in a boozy milkshake.