About Liqueurs from Austria

About Liqueurs from Austria
There is a nice variety of spirits produced in Austria; some pleasing to a wide group of consumers (such as chocolate liqueurs), others, such as bitters, are more of a specialty product. Vodkas, gins and rums are of very good to excellent quality, while liqueurs are varied in style and quality. Absinthe is also produced and compares well with the best examples from France.

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Bailoni Wachauer Gold-Apricot Liqueur
91 points
Golden amber color. Aromas of apricot nectar, dried peach, and cherry stone with a syrupy, cloying full body and a long ripe peach, sundried tomato, and honey-thyme finish. A concentrated, vibrant apricot liqueur that will add intense flavor to craft cocktails.
Awards: 2018 Best Fruit Liqueur
91 points $39.95