About Chocolate Liqueur

About Chocolate Liqueur
Chocolate liqueur falls into three categories: chocolate liqueur, chocolate creme liqueur and creme de cacao. Most are lightly sweet and are consumed on their own after dinner. Chocolate liqueur is made from a base of either whisky or vodka and is often used in baking or cooking as well as mixing cocktails due to its alcohol content. Chocolate cream liqueur is the base of chocolate liqueur but with cream and often other flavor profiles like vanilla.

Top Picks for Chocolate Liqueur

Mozart Dark Chocolate Liqueur
93 points
Lovely sweet chocolate aromas on the nose and palate with just enough mild bitterness and earthiness to keep it all in balance.
Pedro Mandinga Cacao Liqueur
92 points
A very pleasing dark roast cocoa flavor; mix into an Espresso Martini.
Pairidaeza Creme De Cacao Chocolate Liqueur
89 points
Chocolate with a touch of mint and flowers; interesting depth and complexity of flavors.