About Aperitivo

About Aperitivo
Broadly speaking, an aperitivo drink is any beverage intended to "open up the palate" and is drunk before a meal. An aperitivo liqueur is typically bitter, light, and served in spritz with sparkling wine and/or mineral water. Campari and Aperol are two well-known products in this category.

Top Picks for Aperitivo

Tempus Fugit Gran Classico Bitter Liqueur
97 points
A rich, stylish bitter liqueur that opens the palate; complex and spicy, this aperitivo will complement a wide array of spirits and most any moment.
97 points $48.28
Tempus Fugit Kina LAero DOr Aperitif Liqueur
96 points
A very appealing, highly balanced aperitivo that's easy to love; spritz and cocktail away with this deliciously refreshing liqueur.
96 points $47.13
Nonino LAperitivo Botanical Liqueur
87 points
A solid herbal liqueur with distinctive savory notes that set it apart.
87 points $39.99