About Whisky Liqueur

About Whisky Liqueur
Like most liqueurs, a Whisky Liqueur is a spirit base (in this case, you guessed it, whisky), that is flavored with natural flavorings and sugar. An excellent modifier for cocktails, Whisky Liqueur packs an extra punch with a grain base that shines through its added ingredients.

Top Picks for Whisky Liqueur

Robbers Roost Campsite Cordial Whisky Liqueur
91 points
Best Buy
A tastefully spiced whiskey that will be delicious in cocktails; try in winter warmers and tropical drinks, too.
91 points $24 Best Buy
Wild Turkey American Honey Flavored Whiskey Liqueur
90 points
A well-executed, soda-float flavored Whisky Liqueur for sweet-toothed sippers and sore throats; try in a highball.
Awards: 2022 Best Whisky Liqueur