About Nut Liqueur

About Nut Liqueur
Nut liqueurs have been flavored with the addition of hazelnuts, almonds, pecans and other nuts, usually along with other spices. Most are brown or amber in color; some are dry, some sweet. They are normally in the 18% to 25% alcohol range and are served neat as after-dinner liqueurs.

Top Picks for Nut Liqueur

Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur
93 points
A rich and hazelnut forward nut liqueur that is exactly what you want it to be.
Rivulet Artisan Pecan Liqueur
92 points
How did they fit a whole pecan pie into a single shot? Never mind, don't care, it's delicious.
Disaronno Originale Liqueur
92 points
A rich and round Amaretto that offers great depth, balance and length.
REGENCY Amaretto Da Vinci Liqueur
91 points
Best Buy
Like drinking a delicious almond cookie; a truly tasty Amaretto.
91 points $12 Best Buy
Saliza Amaretto Veneziano
91 points
Incredibly tasty almond with just a hint of spice and bitterness to balance the sweetness.