About Nut Liqueur

About Nut Liqueur
Nut liqueurs have been flavored with the addition of hazelnuts, almonds, pecans and other nuts, usually along with other spices. Most are brown or amber in color; some are dry, some sweet. They are normally in the 18% to 25% alcohol range and are served neat as after-dinner liqueurs.

Top Picks for Nut Liqueur

Disaronno Originale Liqueur
92 points
Amber color. Aromas and flavors of apricot kernel, ripe amerada cherries, hints of brandy, and candied grapefruit with a round, vibrant, very sweet full body and a polished, engaging, long finish with shades of hints of roasted coffee beans and spiced cream. A rich and round Amaretto that offers great depth, balance and length.
Faretti Biscotti Liqueur
91 points
Golden amber color. Roasted aromas and flavors of roasted hazelnut. fennel, cashew, anisette biscotti, almond macaron, candied orange peel, old fashioned donut, and coconut cream with a velvety, crisp, sweet light body and a smooth, refreshing, medium-length finish that shows elements of mocha and caramel finish. A rich and appealing hazelnut liqueur to slip into coffee cocktails for a decadent treat.
91 points $28.99
El Ultimo Agave Almond Tequila Liqueur
89 points
Best Buy
Gold color. Nutty aromas of cherries in syrup, almond kernels, and hints of toffee with a round, bright, sweet medium body and a seamless, refreshing, medium-length hints of candied banana and dried mandarin finish. A sweet and simple Almond Liqueur that hits the spot; cocktail away!
89 points $20 Best Buy
Gozio Amaretto Liqueur
87 points
Amber color. Nutty aromas of amaretti cookies, apricot stone, almond paste, and biscotti with a lean, bright, sweet light body and an effortless, brisk lemon almond scone, soaked cakes, and maraschino cherries finish. A mild, light-bodied amaretto liqueur for classic amaretto sours.
di Amore Amaretto Liqueur
84 points
Copper color. Nutty aromas and flavors of marzipan, amaretti cookies, cherry cola, and cream pie with a lean, soft, sweet light body and a smooth, swift finish. An Amaretto that hits all the notes.