About Cream Liqueur

About Cream Liqueur
Cream Liqueur, quite simply is a liqueur that has dairy cream added to a liquor. The most famous examples come from Ireland; they have a base of Irish whiskey; there are also version from Scotland, Canada, the US and several other countries.

Most of these cream liqueurs are in the 14% to 17% alcoholic range and are medium-sweet with flavors such as nougat, praline and chocolate. Most are served over the rocks. The category took off in the 1970s and although not as wildly popular today, it has remained strong.

Top Picks for Cream Liqueur

Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Nog Cream Liqueur
94 points
Best Buy
Creamy almond white color. Spicy aromas and flavors of spice egg nog with nutmeg with a creamy, vibrant, sweet medium-full body and an even, appealing, long finish evoking notes of egg nog gelato, horchata, and white chocolate toffee. A richly spiced, creamy and balanced egg nog liqueur that is a delight to drink.
Awards: 2021 Chicago Indie Spirits Awards - Best Liqueur
94 points $10 Best Buy
Trader Joe’s Cocoa Cream Liqueur
94 points
Best Buy
Creamy taupe color. Aromas of chocolate milk, cocoa powder, and graham crackers with a creamy, crisp, sweet fat body and a smooth, delightful, medium-length hot fudge on chocolate gelato and chocolate mousse finish. Giant chocolate flavors for your inner child; luxuriate with this over ice.
94 points $7.99 Best Buy
Jd Shore Rum Cream Liqueur
93 points
Straw yellow color. Creamy aromas of fresh butterscotch, coconut caramel cream pie, tiramisu, and vanilla pudding with a creamy, vibrant, moderately sweet fat body and a sleek, interesting, very long milk chocolate coated pineapple, fresh sweet cream, and hazelnut latte finish. A wildly delicious cream liqueur with superbly balanced fresh creamy and delicately fruity and spicy flavors; dangerously drinkable.
Dooley’s Toffee Cream Liqueur
93 points
Best Buy
Rich creamy caramel color. Aromas of caramel cake, cocoa powder, vanilla milkshake, and pecan praline with a velvety, bright, sweet fat body and a smooth, complex, medium-long caramelized agave, smoked chocolate cake, and cinnamon mocha latte finish. A spot-on Cream Liqueur with delicious chocolatey and caramel flavors.
Awards: 2021 Best Cream Liqueur
93 points $19 Best Buy
Member’s Mark Limited Edition Egg Nog
93 points
Best Buy
Opaque cream color. Spicy aromas of gingerbread cookie and egg nog with a creamy, vibrant, sweet full body and an effortless, refreshing, medium-length cheese danish, spice cake, buttercream, and flan finish. A custardy treat with piles of festive holiday spice; great for gifting and sipping.
93 points $9.98 Best Buy
Sovrano Limoncello Cream Liqueur
93 points
Opaque creamy straw yellow color. Inviting aromas and flavors of lemon chiffon cake, buttercream, vanilla custard, and lemon bar with a creamy, vibrant, very sweet full body and a graceful, medium-length finish with accents of lemon shortbread cookies and whipped cream finish. A decadent, creamy lemon liqueur that’s easy to love.
93 points $12.99
Hotel Chocolat Velvetised Chocolate Salted Caramel Cream Liqueur
92 points
Medium creamy borwn color. Creamy aromas and flavors of egg custard, fresh vanilla buttercream frosting, salted caramel bonbon, and butterscotch with a creamy, soft, sweet full body and a smooth, stimulating, medium-long finish that presents notes of cajeta, cocoa-dusted nuts, rich cream, and spumoni gelato. A super rich and creamy liqueur with lovely toffee and caramel notes.
92 points $29.99
Pennsylvania Dutch Pumpkin Spice Cream Liqueur
92 points
Best Buy
Creamy orange pink color. Attractive, spicy aromas and flavors of pumpkin pie with graham cracker crust and whipped cream and gingerbread cookie with a creamy, bright, moderately sweet medium-to-full body and a tingling, complex, long finish that shows accents of pumpkin chai latte, spicy carrot cake a la mode, and banana bread. A wonderfully expressive and balanced pumpkin pie spiced cream liqueur that is sure to be a hit.
92 points $12 Best Buy
Maestro Café Caffé Cream Liqueur
92 points
Creamy mahogany color. Inviting aromas of tiramisu, sweet Turkish coffee, and milk chocolate shake with a creamy, vibrant, very sweet fat body and a stimulating, medium-long whipped cream, shaved chocolate, chocolate flan with espresso beans, and hints of aniseed finish. A deliciously balanced Cream Liqueur with craveable coffee and cream flavors.
Kirkland Signature Traditional Holiday Egg Nog Liqueur
92 points
Best Buy
Opaque creamy straw color. Creamy aromas of horchata, buttermilk pie, nutmeg, and tres leches cake with a thick, vibrant, sweet fat body and a sleek, interesting, medium-long vanilla milkshake and whipped cream with cherries finish. An absurdly craveable Cream Liqueur that proves near-impossible to refuse.
92 points $9.99 Best Buy