About Anise Liqueur

About Anise Liqueur
Anise-Flavored Spirits can vary widely in style depending on the country of origin. They can be dry or very sweet, low or high proof, distilled from fermented aniseed or macerated in neutral spirit. In France, Anis (as produced by Pernod) is produced by distilling anise and a variety of other botanicals together. Pastis is macerated, rather than distilled, and contains fewer botanicals than Anis. In Italy, Sambucca is distilled from anise and botanicals, but is then heavily sweetened to make it a liqueur. Oil of fennel (also known as green anise) is frequently added to boost the aroma of the spirit. Greece has a drier, grappa-like liqueur called Ouzo, which is stylistically close to pastis.

Top Picks for Anise Liqueur

Molinari Extra Sambuca
94 points
A bold anise liqueur with unmistakable Sambuca style.
di Amore Sambuca Anise Liqueur
92 points
Best Buy
A spicy, sweet and herbal liqueur with a plush texture and creamy appeal.
92 points $13 Best Buy
Ouzo 12 Anise Liqueur
91 points
Best Buy
For the consumer that loves anise, this is a very well made and balanced liqueur.
91 points $23 Best Buy
La Fée Parisienne Absinthe Supérieure Liqueur
90 points
Best Buy
A very good Absinthe alternative that is sure to please and will make an excellent Sazerac.
90 points $17 Best Buy
ROMANA Sambuca Liquore Classico
89 points
A thick, viscous Anise Liqueur that's best with ice cold water. It's rich body stands up and creates a beautifully louched beverage that offers velvety weight and sweetness on the palate.
Henri Bardouin Pastis Liqueur
86 points
A sweet, creamy Anise Liqueur with pervasive flavors and delicate complexity.