About Floral Liqueur

About Floral Liqueur
Floral liqueur includes those liqueurs made from flowers such as lavender, geranium, violets and elder flowers. They tend to be quite elegant with floral and light spice notes. The best are well balanced with subtle flavors and work well in summer cocktails.

Top Picks for Floral Liqueur

Joseph Cartron Sureau Elderflower Liqueur
97 points
Straw yellow color. Aromas and flavors of lime leaf, lemongrass, citronella, beeswax, and ripe peach with a silky, vibrant, sweet medium body and a smooth, complex, long finish conveying notes of jasmine, candied ginger, crystallized lemon peel, and honey. A delicious melange of florals, herbs and spices dance on the tongue in this begging-to-be-mixed Liqueur.
Pomp & Whimsy Gin Liqueur
92 points
Pale golden straw color. Floral, spicy aromas and flavors of elderflower, violet and jasmine water, currant bubblegum, candied lemon, lavender and bergamot, and white frosted cake with a silky, bright, fruity sweet medium body and a polished, intricate, very long finish with notes of juniper jelly on raisin toast, floral talc, and exotic fruit punch finish. A inviting candied floral liqueur packed with confected tropical goodness.
Wood’s High Mountain Distillery Fleur de Sureau Elderflower Liqueur
81 points
Light gold color. Interesting aromas and flavors of pickled root vegetables, herb rubbed fruit, hint of rubber cement and balls, and raid sprayed pine table with a supple, soft, off-dry medium body and a graceful, brisk finish with notes of waxy honeycomb and dried elderflower finish. A serviceable honey-like liqueur for cocktails.