About Rum and Cane Spirits from Belize

About Rum  and  Cane Spirits from Belize
Belize produces a variety of dark, white, and flavored rums mostly for native and tourist consumption. Very little of it is exported.

Top Picks for Belize

Rum and Cane Spirits

Copalli Unaged Fresh Cane Juice White Rum
93 points
A delightfully complex sipper all on its own that will add depth and complexity to a cocktail; a natural option for a spirit forward daiquiri.
Copalli Barrel Rested Aged Fresh Cane Juice Rum
92 points
The barrel characteristics harmonize and don't over power the delicate cane flavors; this Rum is extraordinarily well executed.
Copalli Cacao Flavored Fresh Cane Juice Rum
87 points
An earthy, grassy, and fruity Spirit that speaks of its base cane juice.