About Spiced Rum

About Spiced Rum
Spiced rum is a type of flavored rum that incorporates a variety of spice flavors. In the past, major industrial examples of spiced rum utilized a myriad of added flavor compounds, sugar and coloring. Today, many craft and high-quality examples are using more natural production methods, whole spice maceration, and a base of high-quality aged rum. Spices used may include ginger, nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon, cardamom, orange peel, bay, vanilla and more. This style of rum is typically best in mixed drinks, as a flavorful shooter or used as a versatile cocktail ingredient.

Top Picks for Spiced Rum

Bayou Spiced Rum
90 points
Best Buy
There's an earthy and nutty quality to the vanilla and Rum flavors that will play especially well in coffee cocktails.
90 points $20 Best Buy
Don Q Oak Barrel Spiced Rum
89 points
A punchy spiced Rum to dial up your cocktail game.
The Kraken Black Spiced Rum
89 points
A toasty and spicy Rum that you want to get cozy with by a fire.
Bacardi Spiced Rum
88 points
Best Buy
Smells and tastes like the nectar from the flowers of a fictional Caramel Tree.
88 points $14 Best Buy
Kirkland Signature Spiced Rum
88 points
Best Buy
A sweet and mildly spicy Rum that is like birthday cake in your glass.
88 points $13 Best Buy
Especia Pilipinas Spiced Rum
87 points
A solid example of a spiced Rum lead by a dominant vanilla note.
Bumbu Original Rum
87 points
A rich, bold spiced rum with vivid banana cake flavors.
87 points $34.99
Canerock Spiced Rum
86 points
A shot of birthday cake with a spicy twist on the finish.
Nusa Caña Spiced Island Rum
85 points
Acts as the perfect base for a fruity and spicy Rum and coke.
Admiral Nelson’s Spiced Rum
85 points
A nice vanilla flavored Rum for Rum and Cokes.