About Navy Strength Rum

About Navy Strength Rum
Strictly speaking, overproof rum is rum in any style that is over 40% ABV or 80º Proof

Top Picks for Navy Strength Rum

A.H. Riise Royal Danish Navy Strength Rum
89 points
Dark amber color. Aromas of gingerbread, cola nut, molasses, citrus peels, spiced bananas, white chocolate, and lime leaf with a satiny, crisp, fruity medium body and a warming, charming, medium-long mango, orange jellies, papaya custard, tropical fruit smoothie, and toasted pound cake finish. An engaging rum with just the right amount of funk; this offers endless cocktail possibilities and will be a great standby overproof rum.
Star Union Spirits Overproof Navy Strength Dark Rum
80 points
Dark amber color. Aromas and flavors of cajeta, butterscotch, and banana pudding with a thick, shy, fruity fat body and a tingling, breezy finish. A curvy, butterscotch-laden Rum with a punch.