About Rum and Cane Spirits from Mexico

About Rum  and  Cane Spirits from Mexico
Mexican spirits are all about beverages made from the agave plant, with the two most famous products being tequila and Mezcal. These products range from rustic and rough to polished and world-class; they are enjoyed by the common man as well as celebrities and they are consumed throughout Mexico as well as in the United States and many other countries. While both tequila and mezcal are made from the agave plant, mezcal can be produced from many varieties from several area, while tequila can only be made from the blue agave and only from the Jalisco district. There are several types of tequila, from the most basic, clear examples that can be sipped or serve as the base of numerous cocktails, all the way up to aged (añejo) versions that have gold or amber colors, smoky, caramel and honeyed aromas and a long, elegant finish that are meant for after dinner enjoyment on their own or with a cigar. Tequila had become an enormous industry in Mexico and today the product is made by small family-owned companies as well as large multimillion dollar beverage giants. There is also a small amount of liqueurs made in Mexico, such as those made from honey, coconut and even local flowers such as the Xtabentun; production is limited, but quality is quite high.

Top Picks for Mexico

Rum and Cane Spirits

Puerto Angel Blanco Rum
94 points
Best Buy
A vibrantly flavorful yet subtle fresh cane juice Rum with great cocktail potential.
Awards: 2022 Best Unaged Fresh Cane Juice Rum
94 points $24 Best Buy
Bonampak 12 Year Aged Gran Reserva Rum
94 points
A long-aged Rum that will be a stellar sipper or high-end cocktail choice.
Bonampak White Rum
93 points
Best Buy
A silky and mild white Rum with a creamy center that will play nicely in cocktails.
Awards: 2022 Best White Rum
93 points $14 Best Buy
Bonampak 5 Year Aged Dark Rum
93 points
A soft and toasty dark Rum for sipping neat or in Rum or Whisky cocktails.
Puerto Angel Añejo Rum
88 points
A bright and creamy fresh cane juice aged Rum with nice layers of minerality and spice that will pop in cocktails.
Quintana White Rum
88 points
A tinge of vanilla sweetness makes this a very good base spirit for cocktails.
Deadhead 5 Year Aged Dark Chocolate Flavored Rum
87 points
A solid chocolate flavored Rum that will pop well in all sorts of cocktails.
Bonampak Pox Rum & Grain Neutral Spirits Blend
86 points
A sweeter Rum that will translate into multiple cocktail applications.
Deadhead 6 Year Aged Rum
85 points
A dry, lightly spicy and reserved aged Rum for cocktails or cigars.
Bonampak Coffee Infused Rum
84 points
A mild, delicately flavored coffee Rum for artisan cocktails.