About Rum and Cane Spirits from Thailand

About Rum  and  Cane Spirits from Thailand
Rum is very popular in Thailand; in fact the national spirit is a distilled beverage akin to a rum. Called Mekhong, this is distilled from molasses and rice and then blended with an assortment of Thai herbs and spices; distillation takes place in both pot and column stills. With a copper color and aromas of orange peel, balsamic, soy and tobacco, this has a spicy, peppery finish. This is meant for mixing in exotic cocktails. There are various versions of rum; spiced rums are very popular. Offering sweet tropical fruit and subtle cream flavors, these are ideal for summer cocktails. Also produced are VSOP brandies and whiskeys.

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Rum and Cane Spirits

Shakara 12 Year Old Rum
94 points
For the aristocrat or regular Jill that loves the flavors of rich leather, and dark wood furniture; stays in balance while being loaded with oak, tannins, and rancio.