About Rum Aged more than 3 Years

About Rum Aged more than 3 Years
Añejo and Age-Dated Rums are aged Rums from different vintages or batches that are mixed together to insure a continuity of flavor in brands of Rum from year to year. Some aged Rums will give age statements stating the youngest Rum in the blend (e.g., 10-year-old Rum contains a blend of Rums that are at least 10 years old). A small number of French island Rums are Vintage Dated.

Top Picks for Rum Aged more than 3 Years

Don Q Gran Reserva Anejo XO Rum
96 points
A delicious and dry, pure crafted aged Rum that will be great for sipping or artisan cocktails.
Awards: 2022 Top 2 Rum (Aged more than 3 Years)
Kiss Monstrum Grand Reserve 14 Year Aged Rum
96 points
A savory, artisanal Rum with a nice sense of place; rock with sophisticated cocktails or cigars.
Awards: 2022 Top 2 Rum (Aged more than 3 Years)
96 points
A robust, spicy and caramelly rum with great intensity; drink in Technicolor.
Awards: 2021 Best Rum
Motörhead Premium Dark Rum
96 points
A rich, flavor-packed rum brimming with a delicious combination of power and grace; drink this.
Matusalem Gran Reserva 23 Year Aged Rum
95 points
A round and poised very-long-aged Rum with lovely integration of fruity cane and spicy barrel flavors; this is an easy choice for a fine sipping Rum.
Barceló Imperial Rum
95 points
A nice spicy and sweet well-balanced Rum destined to make a great daiquiri.
Santa Teresa 1796 Solera Rum
95 points
A superbly versatile and complex Rum for sipping or crafting elevated cocktails.
Plantation 20th Anniversary XO Extra Old Aged Rum
95 points
A wonderfully flavorful and inviting aged Rum that is a pleasure to sip and savor.
Don Q Reserva de la Familia Serralles 20 Year Old Rum
95 points
A superb, long-aged Rum with cascading waves of evolving flavors.
95 points $1865
Bacardi Añejo Cuatro Rum
94 points
Best Buy
A supple and balanced copper pot still rum with excellent tropical fruit and creamy oak flavors; will be great in tiki drinks.
94 points $19 Best Buy