About Overproof Rum

About Overproof Rum
Overproof Rum also known as Navy Proof Rum, is Rum in any style that is over 40% ABV (or 80 Proof) and is traditionally robustly flavored. Favored by British sailors from the early 1700s until the mid-seventies, it was often mixed with water to form a ‘grog’ to be drunk by sailors out at sea.

Top Picks for Overproof Rum

Rest & Be Thankful 23 Year Aged Longpond Single Cask #10245 Rum
97 points
Intensely, exquisitely full of flavor; if you like old and funky on George Clinton levels, this is the Rum you are looking for.
Blackadder 14 Year Aged Cask Strength Rum
97 points
A brawny, velvet brick of an overproof Rum that will elevate punches and high-proof cocktails ad infinitum.
Awards: 2022 Best Overproof Rum
Black Tot Master Blenders Reserve Limited Edition Rum
96 points
With complex layers of roasted fruit flavors, this is just a stunning Rum.
Rest & Be Thankful 21 Year Aged Monymusk Single Cask #13916 Rum
96 points
Like distilled raspberry goat cheese with a caramel and apricot drizzle; an incredibly expressive Rum that is totally delicious.
Wray & Nephew White Overproof Rum
96 points
Best Buy
A rich and flavorful overproof Rum that opens up beautifully with dilution.
96 points $25 Best Buy
359 Spirit Purveyors Rhumb Runner Limited Release 16 Year Aged Single Cask Strength Venezuelan Cadc Sa Rum
96 points
A rich and flavor-packed, long-aged overproof Rum with gusto.
Ron Del Barrilito Hacienda Santa Ana Cask Strength Rum
95 points
A vibrant, well balanced overproof rum that will punch up punches perfectly.
Ron Malteco 11 Anos Overproof Rum
95 points
A superb overproof/cask strength Rum with a great balance of pristine fruit, spice, and wood flavors wrapped in a long, warming, and comforting finish.
Charbay 2005 Unfiltered Barrel Strength Rum
95 points
A clean, rich, well-aged overproof Rum for powerhouse punches and the like.
Rhum Barbancourt Haitian Proof Rum
92 points
Best Buy
The light and grassy notes with wisps of flowers and tropical fruits shine through the ABV of this overproof Rum.
92 points $20 Best Buy