About Overproof Rum

About Overproof Rum
Overproof Rum also known as Navy Proof Rum, is Rum in any style that is over 40% ABV (or 80 Proof) and is traditionally robustly flavored. Favored by British sailors from the early 1700s until the mid-seventies, it was often mixed with water to form a ‘grog’ to be drunk by sailors out at sea.

Top Picks for Overproof Rum

Blackadder 14 Year Aged Cask Strength Rum
97 points
A brawny, velvet brick of an overproof Rum that will elevate punches and high-proof cocktails ad infinitum.
Awards: 2022 Best Overproof Rum
Wray & Nephew White Overproof Rum
96 points
Best Buy
A rich and flavorful overproof Rum that opens up beautifully with dilution.
96 points $25 Best Buy
359 Spirit Purveyors Rhumb Runner Limited Release 16 Year Aged Single Cask Strength Venezuelan Cadc Sa Rum
96 points
A rich and flavor-packed, long-aged overproof Rum with gusto.
Ron Del Barrilito Hacienda Santa Ana Cask Strength Rum
95 points
A vibrant, well balanced overproof rum that will punch up punches perfectly.
Ron Malteco 11 Anos Overproof Rum
95 points
A superb overproof/cask strength Rum with a great balance of pristine fruit, spice, and wood flavors wrapped in a long, warming, and comforting finish.
Charbay 2005 Unfiltered Barrel Strength Rum
95 points
A clean, rich, well-aged overproof Rum for powerhouse punches and the like.
Ron Colón Salvadoreño High Proof Rum
92 points
A attractive and funky Overproof Rum to jazz up tropical cocktails.
New Medford Overproof Rum
90 points
A high-octane but well-balanced rum with a grassy and buttery vibe.