About Liqueurs from Denmark

About Liqueurs from Denmark
Vodka and whiskey are the leading spirits in Denmark. Vodka is generally made from wheat and is colorless; however, as with many other nations, flavored vodkas, such as currant and citrus are now produced. There are various styles of whiskey, including rye and a limited production of single malts; given the small amounts made, prices are not inexpensive, but quality is extremely high; these whiskeys have distinct spice and fruitiness in an elegant package. Akavit, also called snaps in Denmark, is made from caraway and is generally colorless. As with other Scandinavian countries, akvavit in Denmark has a long tradition among the masses.

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A.H. Riise Caramel Cream Liqueur
87 points
A creamy liqueur with hints of chocolate brownie swimming in sweet whipped cream; chill and serve!