Asti Spumante
Italy's largest producing appellation is Asti Spumate. Asti, a UNESCO World Heritage Site is located in southeastern Piedmont and produces a sweet and sparkling wine full of apricot, peach and honey flavors. Asti Spumante is made from Moscato Bianco, known in France as Muscat Blanc a Petits Grains. Enjoy this wine with cheese or cookies as an aperitivo or dessert wine.

This wine is not to be confused with the similar Moscato d'Asti of the the same region. Asti Spumante is 7-9.5% alcohol by volume and truly sparkling whereas Moscato d'Asti has a lower ABV and is only slightly sparkling or 'frizzante'. Both wines are carbonated in the Charmat method.

Though Asti Spumante wines are usually not vintage dated, high consumption rates mean that most bottles found on the shelf are of the most recent vintage. (Wine/Appellations)