Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG
Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG is a red wine made in the Valpolicella district of the Veneto region, just north of the city of Verona. Amarone is a specific type of Valpolicella, produced from local varieties Corvina and Rondinella, with other cultivars such as Corvinone, Molinara and Oseleta, also being allowed.

What makes Amarone so unique is the appassimento process, in which harvested grapes are placed in boxes or on mats and left to naturally dry for a period of around 100-120 days. This results in shriveled berries that resemble raisins more than grapes, as much of the natural water of the grapes has been lost. Following this process, traditional red winemaking techniques are applied; the result is a powerful, ripe, spicy red with 15.5%-16.5% alcohol.

Amarone is always aged in barrels with most being matured in oak of various sizes, although at least one producer ages his Amarone in cherry wood. It can either be served with aged cheeses (such as Grana Padano), wild game or roast meats. These wines tend to age well, with the finest examples in peak condition after 25-30 years.

Thanks to its robust character and ripe, powerful fruit, Amarone has become a wildly successful wine in America as well as many European nations. (Wine/Appellations)