About Rhum Agricole Blanc AOC

About Rhum Agricole Blanc AOC
Rhum Agricole Blanc, like all agricole rhums, are an AOC (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée) designated and protected spirit produced from fresh squeezed sugar cane juice, instead of molasses, and rested in stainless steel or oak vessels for not more than 3 months. This clear rhums are generally full bodied and fiery, frequently bottled at 100 proof. They are usually clear and have a very bold grassy, peppery flavor profile that evinces their fresh cane origin.

With flavors such as powdered sugar, meringue and sweet cream, these are exotic and quite distinctive spirits that are primarily used as mixing rums for tiki or exotic cocktails; they blend particularly well with fruit flavors. The classic Rhum Agricole Blanc cocktail is the Ti Punch which is simply Rhum Agricole Blanc, sugar cane syrup, ice, and a shaved and twisted lime.

These rhums are formally differentiated from fresh cane juice based rhums from other French Caribbean islands, like Haiti and Guadeloupe, by the AOC designation, but it is common practice to refer to all fresh cane rums as 'agricole rums'.

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A very balanced and character-rich Rhum Agricole that will be a great introduction to the category and its cocktailability.