About Barrel Aged Gin

About Barrel Aged Gin
Barrel-aged gin has become a trendy spirit produced by numerous artisan distillers in America. Actually they are bringing this tradition back as barrel-aged gin has been made on the Spanish island of Menorca for more than two hundred years, with white oak barrels being the preferred vessel.

The current barrel-aged gins made in America have a brown color, derived from the bourbon barrels in which it is matured. This technique gives these gins aromas of vanilla and caramel.

These gins are served either over ice or serve as the base of cocktails such as an Old Fashioned or Manhattan.

Top Picks for Barrel Aged Gin

Bristow 7 Year Old Reserve Barrel Aged Gin
96 points
Scotch and oatmeal cookies come through on the nose followed by a savory Gin presence on the palate; this is truly delightful.
Spirit of HVEN Stella Nova Barrel Aged Gin
95 points
A stunning Gin with outstanding aromatics like baking spices on the nose and palate with delicate juniper and botanicals lingering on the finish.
Bristow 1 Year Old Reserve Barrel Aged Gin
95 points
Sweet and inviting, this tastes like drinking a Norman Rockwell Christmas painting; would make a killer Old Fashioned or be the perfect after dinner treat.
Martin Miller’s 9 Moons Solera Reserve Barrel Aged Gin
95 points
Sweet, rich barrel tones plushly enhance the fruit and botanicals with honey; a beautiful sipping Gin.
Copperworks Distilling Company Northwest Cask Finished Gin Release No. 045
95 points
A great barrel aged gin with cascading waves of flavor and finesse.
Awards: 2022 Best Barrel Aged Gin
An Dúlamán Santa Ana Armada Strength Barrel Aged Gin
95 points
A rich and complex barrel-aged gin that will inspire endless cocktail experimentation.
Bristow 4 Year Old Reserve Barrel Aged Gin
94 points
An interesting and spicy orange nose that comes alive as Gin with juniper and cardamon on the palate.
Cathedral Ledge Distillery Barrel Aged Gin
94 points
A rock solid barrel-aged gin that will be quite versatile.
Nouaison Cognac Cask Aged Reserve Gin Batch LP-A20103
93 points
Delicious barrel flavors mingle in harmony with the botanicals; a lovely sipper with quiet aromatics.
Rehorst Bottled in Bond Barrel Aged Gin
93 points
A rich, herbal, quite tasty Barrel Aged gin to sip on the rocks or serve in a wide array of upscale cocktails.