About Gin and Genever from Germany

About Gin  and  Genever from Germany
The spirits industry is a strong and varied one in Germany. Most famous are the brandies and eau-de-vie, made from fruits such as cherry, pear and apple. The term schnapps can refer to an eau-de-vie or it can simply mean a strong alcoholic drink. There are also vodkas (flavored and unflavored), London-style gins and whiskeys produced in Germany. Most are consumed locally; few are exported outside Europe.

Top Picks for Germany

Gin and Genever

Monkey 47 13th Edition Distillers Cut Schwarzwald Dry Gin
96 points
A real velvet hammer that holds the proof well and then explodes in a never ending bouquet of fruits and flowers; how it borders on leaning a tad too sweet but doesn't fall off the rails as it maintains balance with some savory and bitter components in the background is no less than spectacular.
Wikinger Noorgaard Gin
96 points
A lovely, savory, complex, and earthy Gin that pops with mint and coriander.
Elephant Navy Strength Gin
96 points
A powerfully delicious, full-throttle gin with deep layers of flavor and a long seemingly endless finish.
Awards: 2022 Best Navy Strength Gin
Monkey 47 13th Edition Distillers Cut Gin
95 points
Upfront a very fruity and floral Gin but then hits with a lingering savory and herbaceous quality; enjoy this exceptional Gin with a strawberry and arugula salad with toasted nuts, citrus, and fresh garden herbs.
Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin
94 points
Intense and floral with tons of fun and unique flavors that would absolutely pop with the bitterness of vermouth or the sweetness of citrus; just waiting to be turned into a dry Martini.
Elephant London Dry Gin
93 points
A dry, earthy gin perfect for cocktails with tonic.
Elephant Orange & Cocoa Gin
92 points
A delightfully pure and finesseful orange flavored gin that will be fun to experiment with in creative cocktail play.
Awards: 2022 Best Flavored Gin