About Gin and Genever from Canada

About Gin  and  Genever from Canada
Without question, the most famous spirit from Canada is whiskey. Canadian whiskies, often made from rye, are elegant and lightly spicy, and although they may not rank as highly as single malt scotch, there are some examples that are of exceptional quality. Vodkas are becoming more of a factor in Canada, which should come as no surprise, given the quality of the river and lake water used in production. Yet there are many other notable spirits produced in Canada, ranging from bitters to orange liqueur to aged brandies. The spirits industry in Canada is relatively small, but the products are well worth the search.

Top Picks for Canada

Gin and Genever

Georgian Bay 10th Anniversary Edition Gin Batch No. 5
93 points
Very pleasingly interesting and a bit sweet on the nose, almost like a Gin candy.
Empress 1908 Indigo Gin
92 points
A beautiful Gin in its own right with a beautiful color that will make this pop on back bars and in cocktails.
Beattie’s Distillers Navy Strength Gin
91 points
A tasty, lightly spiced Gin in the model of a London Dry.
Georgian Bay Gin
89 points
A delicious, round and substantial gin with a kaleidoscope of herbaceous, floral and chewy flavors.
Empress 1908 Elderflower Rose Gin
88 points
A lightly floral and restrained Gin that will make successfully pretty drinks with vibrant hues for cocktails.
Beattie’s Distillers Potato Gin Batch 18
88 points
Best Buy
A clean, smooth and balanced, easy drinking gin.
88 points $17 Best Buy
Empress 1908 Original Indigo Gin
88 points
A nice creamy gin that will glide effortless in a solo flight or in cocktails.
Victoria Indigo Gin
85 points
A beautiful color addition to cocktails with a pleasing citrus note laced with sweet anise.