About Old Tom Gin

About Old Tom Gin
Old Tom Gin is the last remaining example of the original lightly sweetened gins that were so popular in 18th-century England. The name comes from what may be the first example of a beverage vending machine. In the 1700s some pubs in England would have a wooden plaque shaped like a black cat (an "Old Tom") mounted on the outside wall. Thirsty passersby would deposit a penny in the cat’s mouth and place their lips around a small tube between the cat’s paws. The bartender inside would then pour a shot of Gin through the tube and into the customer’s waiting mouth. Until fairly recently limited quantities of Old Tom-style Gin were still being made by a few British distillers, but they were, at best, curiosity items.

Top Picks for Old Tom Gin

Tamar Arabian Dates Gin
95 points
Uniquely pleasant with limitless potential cocktail applications; the strong spiced dried fruit aroma and flavor is undeniably delicious.
Liberator Barrel Aged Old Tom Gin Batch No. 57
94 points
Just a wonderfully complex sipper that will hopefully help make the style more popular; loaded with warm winter baking spices.
New Deal Distillery Barrel-Rested Old Tom Gin
93 points
A robust, not-too-sweet Old Tom gin with barrel influence that will add rich layers of flavor to classic cocktails, gin or whisky.
Songbird Mockingbird Old Tom Style Gin
92 points
A complex mix of fruits and savory spices with a delightful honeyed grain tone.
Gin Lane 1751 Old Tom Gin
87 points
A curious aquavit like gin for exotic savory cocktails.