About Gin and Genever from Sweden

About Gin  and  Genever from Sweden
Vodka and aquavit are the two most important spirits in Sweden. Vodka has been a great success, thanks to the ultra clean style of these spirits and today, a great deal of Swedish vodka is exported; it is a best -seller in America. Given the demand in many countries for something new, there are now many flavored Swedish vodkas (cherry, vanilla, raspberry, etc.) that are also quite successful. Aquavit - "water of life" - in Sweden is distilled from spices and herbs, usually caraway, although dill and anise are also added in some examples. While some are bottled a short time after distillation, others are barrel matured, giving them am amber of light golden color. Aquavit have at least a 37.5% alcohol level by EU law and some go as high as 45%. The clear versions are generally served ice cold in a small shot glass, while the barrel matured versions are often served at room temperature or warm in a snifter. Dryness levels - some are mildly sweet- depends on the manufacturer.

Top Picks for Sweden

Gin and Genever

Spirit of HVEN Organic Gin
96 points
Best Buy
A fascinating and floral Gin that will add a very welcome savory and perfumed note to any cocktail.
96 points $20 Best Buy
Spirit of HVEN Stella Nova Barrel Aged Gin
95 points
A stunning Gin with outstanding aromatics like baking spices on the nose and palate with delicate juniper and botanicals lingering on the finish.
Purity Craft Nordic Old Tom Gin
94 points
Sweet and honeyed malt nicely balanced with rich herbs and spices; a classic Old Tom Gin that is a stellar representation of the category.
Purity Craft Nordic Dry Gin
93 points
Nuanced and rich, if a Gin could brood this one would; it will make an excellent Martini.
Purity Craft Navy Strength Gin
91 points
Citrus dominant with green herbs and savory, sweet South East Asian flavors that make you crave Tiki drinks or an herbal Martini application before a Thai dinner.