About Gin and Genever from Sweden

About Gin  and  Genever from Sweden
Vodka and aquavit are the two most important spirits in Sweden. Vodka has been a great success, thanks to the ultra clean style of these spirits and today, a great deal of Swedish vodka is exported; it is a best -seller in America. Given the demand in many countries for something new, there are now many flavored Swedish vodkas (cherry, vanilla, raspberry, etc.) that are also quite successful. Aquavit - "water of life" - in Sweden is distilled from spices and herbs, usually caraway, although dill and anise are also added in some examples. While some are bottled a short time after distillation, others are barrel matured, giving them am amber of light golden color. Aquavit have at least a 37.5% alcohol level by EU law and some go as high as 45%. The clear versions are generally served ice cold in a small shot glass, while the barrel matured versions are often served at room temperature or warm in a snifter. Dryness levels - some are mildly sweet- depends on the manufacturer.

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Gin and Genever

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