About Gin and Genever from France

About Gin  and  Genever from France
As with wine, French spirits are world famous and of exceptional quality. The types of spirits and liqueurs produced in France reads like a what's what of these categories. There are Cognacs and Armagnacs hat are the most refined and compelling of all brandies. In addition, you have herb liqueurs, spice liqueurs, fruit-based liqueurs, as well as dry and sweet vermouth. Eaux-de-vie, produced from wine grapes as well as fruit from Alsace, are among the best of their type found anywhere. There are also gins produced in France and as of recently, vodka as well. Products such as these may not be as well known as those from other countries, but the fact that they are products of France helps give them instant respect.

Top Picks for France

Gin and Genever

Citadelle Gin
95 points
Best Buy
With some welcomed bonus citrus expressions this is an excellent Martini Gin, yet well crafted enough to sip alone.
95 points $25 Best Buy
G’Vine Nouaison Gin
93 points
A luscious and floral Gin that is totally dry but gives the impression of sweetness through vanilla, anise, and flowers.
Nouaison Cognac Cask Aged Reserve Gin Batch LP-A20103
93 points
Delicious barrel flavors mingle in harmony with the botanicals; a lovely sipper with quiet aromatics.
Gin XII Dry Gin
92 points
A solid, chameleon-like gin that will be versatile.
G’Vine Floraison Gin
92 points
A sweet and stylish gin with big green notes and fruity character.
Citadelle Jardin DÉté Gin
91 points
Best Buy
A modern and fruit forward style of Gin; such clean distillate and vibrant flavors that it can't be called anything other than delicious.
91 points $24 Best Buy
Magellan Iris Flavored Gin
88 points
The gorgeous faint blue color hints at the subtle flower tones and vibrant citrus at play over a restrained juniper back drop.
Yu Gin
88 points
A bold and herbaceous gin with a fresh, contemporary style.
Ahoy Barrel-Aged Gin
86 points
A solid Barrel Aged Gin with just a hint of barrel-rested character.
June by G’Vine Royal Pear & Cardamom Flavored Gin
84 points
A curious, rambunctious flavored gin for daredevil cocktails.