About Gin and Genever from Ireland

About Gin  and  Genever from Ireland
Irish whiskey is almost as famous as the single malts from Scotland. The marketing point for most Irish whiskeys is that they are triple distilled, making them ultra smooth (most Scotch is double distilled). There are various types, ranging from blended to single pot still to single malt. A typical Irish whiskey has flavors of smoked peat, honey and even notes of dried fruit and blossoms. The finish is long and spicy, often with notes of oak and hints of pepper. Some examples are aged in sherry barrels and display more of a roasted nut and toffee character. Irish whiskeys are very popular with consumers in the US market. There is also a few distillers in Ireland that distill vodka and gin.

Top Picks for Ireland

Gin and Genever

METHOD AND MADNESS Irish Micro Distilled Gin
95 points
Just a damn fine traditional dry Gin that makes you crave a martini.
Glendalough Wild Botanical Gin
94 points
A fine balance of subtle yet present botanicals makes this versatile savory gin a natural choice for elegant cocktails.
Silks Irish Dry Gin
92 points
A concentrated, citrus-forward Gin with big, vivid aromatics.
Blood Monkey Irish Craft Gin
87 points
A rock solid Gin for numerous applications; leans in the more modernist fruit-forward style.
Glendalough Rose Flavored Gin
84 points
An unusually earthy floral accent gin.