About Barrel-Aged Genever

About Barrel-Aged Genever
Barrel-aged Genever from the Netherlands has been aged - often in small French oak barrels - for two to three years. Barrel aging adds complexity and results in genevers with a golden color and notes of yeast, pastry dough, raisin bread and crushed nuts. The finish is quite flavorful and earthy and quality is usually excellent. These are superb mixers for artisan cocktails.

Top Picks for Barrel-Aged Genever

Herman Jansen Notaris 3 Genever
94 points
A lively, leathery tongue-tingling aged genever that will pop in cocktails.
Awards: 2021 Best Genever
Zuidam Rye Genever
93 points
A robust well-aged genever with lots of spicy herbal character for sipping or cocktails.
Hooghoudt 3 Year Bourbon Barrel Aged Genever
92 points
Best Buy
This caters to both Genever and Whiskey lovers and will mix well in cocktails.
92 points $25 Best Buy
Hooghoudt 5 Year Barrel Aged Genever
92 points
A Genever for a Whiskey drinker; dark and complex with loads of woody spice.
Zuidam Old 3 Barrel Rested Genever
92 points
A seamless and satisfying aged genever with complex, finely meshed flavors and a long warming finish; genever for whisky fans.
Hooghoudt 3 Year Barrel Aged Peated Genever
89 points
Lovable but unique; a great Gin substitute for the person that likes citrusy, smoky Single Malts.
Zuidam Old 5 Barrel Rested Genever
89 points
A smooth and even genever that will appeal to blended bourbon and Scotch whisky fans.
Herman Jansen Notaris Bartenders Choice Rome Genever
89 points
A rock-solid aged genever that will be versatile.
Zuidam Old 1 Barrel Rested Genever
88 points
A mellow, creamy genever that will be a nice even canvas for cocktails.