About Gin and Genever from South Africa

About Gin  and  Genever from South Africa
The spirits industry is a mixture of various types of products, ranging from cream liqueur to oloroso-style sherries. There are some aged, pot-still brandies produced, but many are more suitable for mixing as a cocktail rather than sipping.

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Gin and Genever

Atian Rose Gin
94 points
Brilliant light pink color. Attractive, floral aromas of Turkish rose custard dessert, lemon and lime curd pastries, hint of bergamot, and melon with an oily, fruity medium-to-full body and a tingling, elegant, long juniper blossoms and jam, Moroccan orange spice cake, hint of bitter herbs and pink pepper, and wet minerals finish. A soft, oily, superbly balanced floral-accented gin with great drinkability, neat, on ice, or in shaken or long cocktails.
94 points $49.99