About Gin and Genever from United Kingdom

About Gin  and  Genever from United Kingdom
The United Kingdom is comprised of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Whiskey of course is the leading spirit. Besides those from Scotland (both single malts and blends), there are some excellent examples from Northern Ireland. These are a bit less robust than those from Scotland, as they are generally triple distilled, making them a bit smoother. Gin from England is the other great spirit of Great Britain (see entry on England)

Top Picks for United Kingdom

Gin and Genever

Martin Miller’s Westbourne Strength Gin
96 points
An incredibly clean distillate that does not show the higher ABV and sings with complex, slightly sweet botanicals.
Martin Miller’s 9 Moons Solera Reserve Barrel Aged Gin
95 points
Sweet, rich barrel tones plushly enhance the fruit and botanicals with honey; a beautiful sipping Gin.
Martin Miller’s Summerful Gin
95 points
A remarkably potent and pleasurable full throttle gin that will be superb in classic cocktails.
Highclere Castle London Dry Gin
94 points
A classic London Dry with some nice earthy and sweet base notes making this Gin just a delightful take on the standard.
The Sassenach Wild Scottish Gin
93 points
An excellent Gin modeled on the London Dry style, with a bit more fruit to cater to a larger range of palates.
James Asian Parsnip Gin Batch 002
93 points
Earthy, floral, savory, and umami laden this is a fascinating Gin with rich, beautiful, earthy flavor.
Tiger Gin
93 points
A supple gin with well meshed creamy fruit and spice flavors, perfect for summer cocktails.
Ramsbury Single Estate London Dry Gin
92 points
A very well executed distillation with a pleasing peppery and savory element that makes this well positioned for use in apéritif style cocktails.
Fords London Dry Gin
91 points
A lovely London Dry with a satisfying twist of vanilla.
Martin Miller’s Winterful Gin
91 points
A rich, fruity and spicy gin that will elevate cocktails.