About Gin and Genever from Romania

About Gin  and  Genever from Romania
The leading sprits in Romania are fruit brandies; the most famous are made from plums, while others are made from different fruits or grain. These are clear with alcohols ranging from 28-60%. The most famous fruit brandy in the country is a plum brandy known as Tuica; while there are numerous home made versions that are a bit rough, the best examples are double distilled and have more aromatics, as well as being much smoother. Served at weddings and other celebratory affairs, it is served before meals and sipped cold. Palinca is another Romanian spirit that is somewhat similar; these are blends of several fruits (raspberries, cherries). These are served in the same manner as Tuica. There is also a small quantity of herbal liqueurs and congnac-style brandies, made from grape skins.

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Gin and Genever

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