Nuits St. Georges "Clos St. Marc"
The (gentler) slopes and aspect have not conferred any Grand Crus upon the Nuits-Saint-Georges appellation though it boasts 27 Premier Crus. The finest examples display a robust, solidly flavorful character with minerality and dark fruit flavors. Poor examples are lightly colored and rather vapid in flavor and the name will always guarantee that they will not be very cheap.

In past vintages surely more wine bearing the name Nuits-Saint-Georges emerged from negociants or English wine merchants' cellars than the vineyards could conceivably produce. The name has a magical ability to sell bottles, as it became the darling of the English. Today, not everything has changed. Rather poor examples await anyone who buys on the appellation name alone. It pays to be picky about wines from this commune. (Wine/Appellations)