North Fork Of Roanoke
The North Fork of Roanoke AVA is on the eastern slopes of the Allegheny Mountains in Roanoke and Montgomery counties. MJC Vineyards the original petitioner of the North Fork of Roanoke AVA is no longer in operation. However this small AVA still makes its way onto local wine labels. Valhalla Vineyards, one of the state's premiere small wineries, maintains the image of this small appellation with its diverse range of highly regarded wines.

Located in southwestern Virginia, the 22-mile-long valley appellation has elevations of 1,200 to 2,200 feet. The significant viticultural areas are on frost-free slopes between 1,700-2,100 feet. Distinguishing climactic characteristics of the region include cooling morning fog in summer, and prevailing westerly winds that provide good airflow necessary for Virginia’s damp weather. The relatively large diurnal variations of temperature maintain acidity in the grapes. All by itself, the natural beauty of this valley - known more for trout fishing and camping than for viticulture - should draw attention to this largely untapped resource of quality grapes. (Wine/Appellations)