Lazio DOC
Lazio IGT refers to a variety of wines from the central Italian region of Lazio; examples can be red, white, rosé, sparking or frizzante. Grapes used to produce such wines include Malvasia and Trebbiano for white, with Cesanese and Roscetto for red, while there is also a bit of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon as well.

As a Lazio IGT wine is not one of the 28 DOC wines of the region, nor one of the other three IGT selections from Lazio, this category can include light, sipping white wines (often produced from Trebbiano) or more complex whites, such as those made from the indigenous variety Roscettto. Rarely seen (currently, only two of the region’s producers works with this variety), a white made from Roscetto can be paired with richly flavored pastas or lighter seafood. Roscetto is also sometimes produced as in a passito style, a lush, sweet, dessert wine.

Reds have a similar stylistic variation; those made from Sangiovese tend to be light to medium-bodied, and are best paired with lighter pastas and meats, while the reds produced from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot or the local Cesanese are richer on the palate, spicier (especially in the case of Cesanese) and work well with most red meats or aged cheeses. (Wine/Appellations)