Lalande de Pomerol
Lalande de Pomerol is a small area just north of Pomerol, a famed wine district located on the right bank of the Dordogne River in the Bordeaux region of southwest France. There are about 2600 acres of vines planted on soils of clay, gravel and sand, with the varieties being primarily Merlot and Cabernet Franc.

As Cabernet Sauvignon is not regularly part of the wines of Lalande de Pomerol, these wines have less of a tannic bite than many other Bordeaux reds, making them more accessible upon release. However, the top examples have the structure for aging for a decade or more.

The wines generally have flavors of red and black plum and cherry, as well as some distinctive red spice and notes of pepper, this emerging from the Cabernet Franc. As with all Bordeaux reds, these wines are best paired with rich red meats such as lamb and beef as well as game and aged cheeses. (Wine/Appellations)