The Langhe is an expression used to describe the wider wine producing area with Alba and the Barolo and Barbaresco zones at its heart. Langhe was codified as a DOC in 1994 to cover wines produced outside one of the more prestigious sub-regions and for unusual varietals or blends within those regions.

Piedmont lacks an IGT designation, so in practice Langhe DOC is used in the area to cover international varietals such as Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay. It can also be used for Nebbiolo that a producer does not want to include in their Barolo or Barbaresco bottlings. A significant amount of Arneis is also bottled using the designation. All told, nearly 4,000 acres produce 1.25 million cases per year of a wide range of reds and whites that will be labeled simply as "Langhe," with or without a varietal designation. (Wine/Appellations)