Dolcetto d'Asti
Dolcetto d’Asti is one of several DOCs (or DOP, if you will) that covers wines produced from the Dolcetto grape in Piedmont. Dolcetto d’Asti covers Dolcetto wines made in the province of Asti, in southeastern Piedmont. The wines are generally not aged in oak, have fruit aromas of plum and cranberry with moderate acidity and tannins. These are light to medium-bodied, meant for early consumption; they are often served at lunch with simple pastas or antipasti.

As Barbera is a more important variety in the Asti province, Dolcetto d'Asti has not gained the recognition of other examples of Dolcetto, such as Dolcetto d'Alba or Dogliani, so it is rarely seen outside its immediate zone. (Wine/Appellations)