Located in northern Portugal, Dão is one of the most famous wine appellations in the country; it is named for the nearby Dão River.

While this is a warm climate, the Dão is not as hot as several other wine areas in Portugal, thanks to nearby mountain peaks that have a moderating effect on temperatures. This permits balanced acidity in the red grapes, which are dominant; these include varieties such as Touriga Nacional (likely native to this region) and Tinta Roriz.

Here in the Dão, these varieties are used for the production of powerful, mineral-forward, dry red wines. The leading white variety is Encruzado, used to produce crisp, fragrant wines or sometimes age-worthy, barrel-fermented, Burgundian-style wines. There are also rosés made from the red varieties; a few are notable, but most are rather simple and sweet. Pair the dry reds with grilled meats, game and aged cheeses. Prices range from $10 and under to $50 and above. (Wine/Appellations)