About American Single Malt Whiskey

About American Single Malt Whiskey
A newer and still-evolving category, American Single Malt Whiskey must meet the following requirements:

Must be composed of 100% malted barley.

Must be distilled entirely at one distillery.

Must be mashed, distilled, and matured in the United States of America.

Must be matured in oak casks with capacity no larger than 700 liters.

Must be distilled to no more than 160 proof and bottled at a minimum of 80 proof.

Top Picks for American Single Malt Whiskey

Stranahan’s Sherry Cask American Single Malt Whiskey
94 points
A damn fine Whiskey that is well made and well aged.
Awards: 2022 Best American Single Malt Whiskey
Copperworks Distilling Company American Single Malt Whiskey Release No. 038
94 points
A deliciously chewy American Single Malt with robust and endlessly satisfying flavors of grilled fruits.
Awards: 2021 Best American Single Malt Whiskey
Town Branch 7 Year Aged Kentucky Single Malt Whiskey American
93 points
A grain forward Single Malt that shows good quality distillation and expresses delicious aromas of white orchard fruit; likely to benefit with greater barrel maturation.
10th Street Distillery Peated American Single Malt Whiskey
93 points
A sleek and substantial Single Malt with well articulated smokiness, spice, and minerality that will converse well with a Scotch enthusiast's palate; a natural choice for a fine cigar.
Courage & Conviction Cuvée Cask Aged American Single Malt Whisky
93 points
A young Single Malt with lots of potential and high quality barrels expressing dried fruit, baking spices, and savory notes.
Stranahan’s Original American Single Malt Whiskey
92 points
A fine sipping Single Malt worthy of space in your glass, no matter where it was distilled and aged.
Asm Sherry Cask Finished American Single Malt Whiskey
92 points
A very well-balanced and approachable Single Malt with lots of subtle, appealing flavors in an oak-kissed package.
Boulder Spirits Bottled in Bond American Single Malt Whiskey
92 points
A Whisky drinker's table Whisky, this hits all the marks as a go-to glass pour.
Courage & Conviction American Single Malt Whisky
92 points
A good quality, fruity, earthy, and savory example of American Single Malt.
Stranahan’s Blue Peak American Single Malt Whiskey
90 points
A light-bodied and complex sipper that would find itself just as comfortable in the Highlands as the American heartland.