About Flavored Spirit Whiskey

About Flavored Spirit Whiskey
The legal definition of a spirit whiskey is one that is a mixture of neutral spirits and not less than 5% on a proof gallon basis of whiskey. While this category has been defined for some time, the production of spirit whiskey in the United States is a fairly new development. These products are not blended whiskeys (whiskeys of different types), but rather whiskey blended with other spirits, such as vodka. Styles vary, with some being clear and others having an amber color. Flavored spirit whiskies have additional flavoring added to them such as spiced, or apple flavors. These are primarily meant for cocktails, while a few of the finest artisan examples are ideal served neat or over ice.

Top Picks for Flavored Spirit Whiskey

Stillhouse Peanut Butter SMores Whiskey Flavored Spirit
87 points
Very sweet and for anyone looking for a summer or autumn dessert this is a Whiskey flavored S'more in a glass.
Glyph 85H Flavored Spirit Whiskey
86 points
This Whiskey leads with fruity aromas and flavors but still maintains a Whiskey backbone.
Southern Comfort Original Spirit Whiskey
83 points
A silky, fruity and outgoing whiskey with fun candied flavors.
Southern Comfort Black Black Label Spirit Whiskey
83 points
A uniquely fruity and candied whiskey with wide appeal.
Glyph Spice Flavored Spirit Whiskey
82 points
A Whiskey with lots of candy fruit aromas.