About Wheat Whiskey

About Wheat Whiskey
As the name implies, wheat whiskeys have wheat as the principal grain used for distillation. Most of these are American made and are aged in oak and/or sherry barrels, giving them an amber color with a flavor profile of caramel, butterscotch, cashew and spiced raisin, among others. While this is not as large a category as many other types of whiskey, most of these wheat whiskeys are of very high quality, elegant, but often with a spicy, gutsy character. While they can be used for mixing in elegant cocktails, most are meant for sipping in a small snifter after dinner.

Top Picks for Wheat Whiskey

Rebel Bourbon Kentucky Straight Wheated Bourbon Whiskey
94 points
Best Buy
Fruity, floral, and well balanced; surprisingly lithe and delicate belying the higher ABV.
94 points $19 Best Buy
Journeyman Distillery Corsets, Whips and Whiskey Wheat Whiskey
91 points
A charming wheat whiskey that comes alive with water; serve on the rocks or in highballs for a full-flavor experience.
New Scotland Spirits Helderberg 5 Year Old Single Barrel Winter Wheat Whiskey Batch #002
90 points
A nice, rich, honeyed nose and palate make for an approachable and pleasurable sipper.
Low Gap 4 Year Old Bavarian Hard Wheat Whiskey
88 points
A mild whiskey with bakeshop flavors and smooth texture.