About Straight Wheat Whiskey

About Straight Wheat Whiskey
In order for a product to be categorized as a Straight Wheat Whiskey, the following must be true:

Mash bill must be comprised of a minimum of 51% wheat.
Aged a miminum of two years.
May not contain any flavors or colorings.
All of the liquid in the bottle must be distilled in the same state.

Top Picks for Straight Wheat Whiskey

Old Elk Straight Wheat Whiskey
94 points
A spicy, well-refined wheat whiskey with great minerality and a smooth-sipping texture.
94 points $64.99
Bernheim 7 Year Old Small Batch Kentucky Straight Wheat Whiskey
93 points
A tasty, sweet and aromatic Whiskey that deserves a place in your Whiskey bunker.
Storm King Distilling Co. 3 Year Old Colorado Straight Wheat Whiskey
91 points
Delicious cherry, berry, and sweet pastry flavors; an after dinner sipper to enjoy all evening.
Boot Hill Straight Wheat Whiskey
90 points
Generous sweet aromas welcome the imbiber to the glass; this rich, full-bodied wheat whiskey is sure to satisfy.
Bare Knuckle Straight Wheat Whiskey
88 points
A rich and grain-centric Wheat Whiskey.