About American Whiskey

About American Whiskey
American Whiskey is a Beverage Testing Institute classification for specialty whiskies bottled in the United States that do not neatly fit other categories.
Some spirits producers in the U.S. have started crafting blends of different types or categories of whiskies together to create a unique flavor profile. Examples include products made from Single Malt Scotch Whisky blended with a high-rye Bourbon, or a 50/50 blend of straight bourbon and straight rye. Under federal TTB regulations these whiskies would fall into the 'Blended Whiskey' or 'A Blend of Straight Whiskies' categories. BTI gives these products the American Whisky category designation to better capture their producers' experimental intents to delineate them from the younger, lower-priced blended whiskies that often include neutral grain spirits and/or added coloring or flavoring.

Top Picks for American Whiskey

Chicken Cock 8 Year Old Double Oak Barrel Kentucky Whiskey
92 points
Rich barrel flavors dominate with lovely aspects of sweet caramel corn and candy citrus cresting and falling from the first sniff through to the finish.
Tincup 10 American Whiskey
89 points
A very tasty American whiskey with great depth and length for the category; Bourbon drinkers take note.
Nv36 Small Batch No. 8 American Whiskey
88 points
A highly likable, young, and grain forward Whiskey.
Nv36 Single Barrel American Whiskey Batch No. 6
87 points
A nice young Whiskey that leads with prominent barrel flavors and aromas.
Nv36 Single Barrel American Whiskey
87 points
Sweet, smoky, toasty, savory; this curiously delightful sipper or mixer will have you returning to the glass to keep finding new flavors.
Undammed Distilling Co. Bear Skull Creek Small Batch American Whiskey
87 points
A really delicious, well-rounded American Whiskey for Bourbon or Single Malt drinkers to try.
Nv36 Small Batch No. 7 American Whiskey
86 points
Easy going and very approachable; a great mixer or introductory Whiskey.
Shelter Distilling Peated American Whiskey
85 points
Loads of interesting flavors and aromas, but just shy of bringing those aspects into a harmonious balance.
Devil’s Sister 5 Year Aged American Whiskey
84 points
An easy drinking, fruity, and sweet whiskey for sipping or mixing.