About American Blended Whiskey

About American Blended Whiskey
Blended American Whiskey is required to contain at least 20% straight whiskey; with the balance being unaged neutral spirit or, in a few cases, high-proof light whiskey. It has a general whiskey flavor profile (most closely resembling Bourbon), but lacks any defining taste characteristic.

Blended whiskies date from the early 19th century when the invention of the column still made possible the production of neutral spirits. Distillers would blend one or more straight whiskies (Bourbon and Rye) with these neutral spirits in varying proportions to create their own branded blend. The taste and quality of these whiskies, then as now, varies according to the ratio of straight whiskey to neutral grain spirit. Early blends were frequently flavored with everything from sherry to plug tobacco. Compared to straight whiskies they were relatively inexpensive and bland in character. Modern blends utilize dozens of different straight whiskies to insure a consistent flavor profile. Blended American whiskies had a great sales boost during and just after World War II when distillers promoted them as a way of stretching their limited supply of straight whiskey. This sales spike did not last, however. Blended whiskies were considered to be too bland by Bourbon and Rye drinkers, and consumers with a taste for lighter spirits soon migrated to Vodka and Gin. Blended whiskies have been leading the pack in declining sales over the past few decades.

Top Picks for American Blended Whiskey

10th Street Distillery California Coast Blend American Blended Whiskey
94 points
Toasted grains and vanilla cream aromatics continue to lure you in for another sip all summer long.
Awards: 2022 Best American Blended Whiskey
Tincup American Blended Whiskey
92 points
A youthful Whiskey that shows the mashbill as well as the high quality of distillation; suitable for cocktails as well as sipping.
Eight Settlers Ragtown Small Batch No. 17 American Blended Whiskey
92 points
An approachable young Whiskey with a complex and alluring spice character.
Dented Brick American Blended Whiskey
89 points
A spicy, sweet and fruity Whiskey with a little something for everyone; a very easy drinker.
Ragtown Small Batch American Blended Whiskey, Batch No. 2
86 points
A chewy, spicy Whiskey.
TX American Blended Whiskey
85 points
A silky-smooth, distinctively herbal American Blended Whiskey with big creamy texture.