About Canadian Whisky

About Canadian Whisky
Canadian Whisky is made primarily from corn or wheat, with a supplement of rye, barley, or barley malt. There are no Canadian government requirements when it comes to the percentages of grains used in the mash bill. Unlike Bourbons, they are aged, primarily in used oak barrels. The minimum age for Canadian Whisky is three years, with most brands being aged four to six years. Virtually all Canadian whiskies (except the pot-distilled malt whiskies of Glenora in Nova Scotia) are blended from different grain whiskies of different ages. Bulk Canadian Whiskies are usually shipped in barrels to their destination country where they are bottled. These bulk whiskies are usually bottled at 40% ABV (80 proof) and are usually no more than four years old. "Bottled in Canada" whiskies generally have older components in their blends and are bottled at 43.4% ABV (86.8 proof).

Canadian whiskies, as with their American cousins, originated on the farm. These early whiskies were made primarily from rye. In time most Canadian distillers turned to corn, wheat, and other grains, but Canadians continue to refer to their whisky as "Rye" even though the mash bill for most Canadian Whisky is now predominantly a mix of corn, wheat, and barley, with only a modest proportion of rye for flavor, which results in a lighter-bodied spirit.

Top Picks for Canadian Whisky

Collingwood Double Barreled Canadian Whisky
93 points
A rich and nuanced Canadian Whisky to take seriously.
Awards: 2021 Best Canadian Whisky
Pendleton Midnight Brandy Barrel Finished Blended Canadian Whisky
92 points
A generous and gratifying Canadian Whisky with lovely layers of chocolate, nuts and fruit and a long warming finish.
Forty Creek Barrel Select Canadian Whisky
92 points
Best Buy
A rich Canadian Whisky that hits the spot; drink neat, in cocktails or as a shooter.
92 points $19 Best Buy
Forty Creek Lot 1867-F Confederation Oak Reserve Small Batch Canadian Whisky
92 points
A velvety, smooth and decadent Canadian Whisky.
Kirkland Signature 6 Year Old Oak Cask Aged Blended Canadian Whisky
91 points
Best Buy
A good everyday mild Rye that will appeal to Canadian Whisky, American Rye, and Bourbon drinkers alike.
Awards: 2022 Best Canadian Whisky
91 points $18 Best Buy
Forty Creek Copper Pot Reserve Canadian Whisky
91 points
Best Buy
A round, chewy and complex Canadian Whisky for the enthusiast.
91 points $24 Best Buy
Forty Creek Lot 262 Double Barrel Reserve Small Batch Canadian Whisky
91 points
A silky smooth Canadian Whiskey with a rounded, maple-centric flavor; decadent.
Swear Jar Canadian Whisky
89 points
A very nice all purpose Canadian Whisky with enough flavor and oomph to be sipped neat.
Black Velvet 8 Year Old Reserve Canadian Whisky
88 points
Best Buy
A smooth and supple Canadian Whisky that goes down effortlessly.
88 points $12 Best Buy
Georgian Bay Small Batch Canadian Whisky
88 points
A light Canadian Whisky that goes down easy.